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The Data-Matrix Concept

A possibility of electronical visual data acquisition.
Today the Data-Matrix-Code replaces the simple barcode as a visual decoding procedure. The two-dimensionality enables the visual coding for product identification on a significant smaller surface.
The Data-Matrix-Code, as well as the Barcode, can be applied printed and as an adhesive label. The ASANUS instruments are provided with that code through laser marking. It can be read by the ASANUS BarCon reader which loads data in combination with the BarCon Software in the house intern database.

About Images
About Images

However the Data-Matrix Code can be read by every other Data-Matrix compatible reader too. For the reading of Data-Matrix-Codes on metal a special developed reader is necessary. The Data-Matrix-Code serves especially for fast acquisition of products in the master data of your IT system at their delivery or during other data processing issues for identification of your lot number.
However the experience shows that a 100 percent reading reliability during the ongoing operation of the medical products in preparation and application process is not always ensured. The reasons are visual reading disorders which influence on characterised surfaces through extern media influences, following reading disorders are caused. For explicit and automatic reading wishes we recommend our ARIS RFID System. For more information please watch the section ARIS RFID Chip.